Women varies based on background, psychological perception and it is easy for the society to consider a man as human but forget women are humans also.  But a woman’s mistakes in any given society is considered as grave and almost unforgivable, we know how the story goes in Islamic states other platforms on other type of religion, ethnicity and environment differs but it still means the same thing.

It is just easy for a society to castigate a woman for running for presidency, the society begins to say she is trying to out shine a man, both men and women are part of this same society, even women go against their kind, just what no man will do.

A woman with ambition is tougher to control in any system, either a marriage system, working system, name them all because they have a certain drive of not backing out until it is done. By so doing, she can get it wrong in most things either on how to manage a home or relate with certain things that are rightfully her obligation and instead of helping them admit it is a mistake and walk them through it just like any woman will do for a man, they just cast them as inadequate and blame them for the actions they took because of a shortcoming in the part of the woman. Men blame a woman for engaging in extramarital affairs, how in heaven does that correlate with solving a problem?

Most men see a career woman as a competition, like it demeans their ego. Every man likes to out shine a woman either as work colleagues or partners in a relationship and no matter how much a woman suppresses her ego even if she has earned her achievements,  a man still see her as a threat or make her play the victim of sympathy.

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