By Adegunloye Kayode

There is no gainsaying that every rational human being wants to live a good life, earn cool and constant money, get married to a decent partner , rear beautiful kids and relax basking in the euphoria of fulfillment. But as sweet as this sounds, It might be heart piercing to know that it doesn’t come handy or simply put, on a golden platter, and like the saying ‘nothing good comes easy’. Which all but suggest that for an individual to live life to it’ s fullest earning your title well and truly, Some tightening of the bolts and fastening of the belts needs to be done. Even though it’s true that at some point some might have looked down on themselves and even felt like settling for the crumbs partly because they do not know what lies within them, But that’s okay. Maybe we’ve all done that, but the best approach is to forgive yourself and let it go because trust me there isn’t much any of us can do about the past except to learn from it.

However when such reality dawns on us, thinking outside the box is inescapable, especially when you have exhausted every thought in the brain box. ‘Thinking outside the box’ which is metaphorical in the real sense of it could simply mean any of one thinking in an original or creative way or perchance thinking differently or unconventionally, And like I said earlier, it is one angle of thought that doesn’t come cheaply and that is because not too many people possess the strength to think in this way, For an individual to be able to think in this particular direction, Such a person must possess some certain  qualities and not just possessing them but seising them in a high degree which are; Utmost and extreme dedication, High level of reasoning, Acute vision,Ample tolerance, Total clairvoyance and of course Foresight. With these highlighted attributes, Thinking outside the box would be done with relative ease.

Moreover, This unconventional form of thinking could be adopted in diverse facets of life ranging from Relationship, Friendship, Education, Marriage etc. But for the sake of this delivery, one aspect of outside the box thinking that would be discussed is Employment or Unemployment as the case may be, little thanks to the fact that it is one aspect that has really chawed up a great deal of people especially in this western part of Africa. One sour truth is that not everyone would end up in the office where you spin bowl or gyrate on those black leather seats, not because you are not qualified  but simply because there would never be room enough for everyone. Nevertheless, the good thing is that you can own your own, you can refuse to be bossed and instead boss other people, That is if you are willing to think outside the box though. Many young intelligent lads have become redundant and absolutely depreciated because they keep craving for the so-called white-collar jobs instead of delving into the pool of what I call ‘I can make myself’. All you hear them say is I am a graduate and I finished with a 2.1, and so what? Even if you finished with the hat doffing first class, The best you can offer yourself is to wake up and build your own nation. Although the clear question here would be, How do I begin? , How do I get the needed resources and the likes of such questions. Anyway…this is where your ability to think outside the box comes to test, All you are required to do is to get started no matter how small and that is because a little beginning isn’t despised after all, Get to it first, Start it up somehow, Pick each day as it comes and mold it to your taste, Strife for a better next day, Create your own hours, Don’t be scared of anything not even failing, Tell people you have started it and that would build your success and confidence as opposed to failure and phobia. Anticipate your anniversary, a month, 6months, a year of which you have started it, this would definitely be your strength and make you forge even further.

An outside the box thinker doesn’t get discouraged, so no matter what happens never listen to hearsay or dream killers because they are only dogs in the manager who would eventually look furtively through your fence or even come to your table when you arrive for those who are repentant though. Conclusively, I would enjoin everyone reading this to start something, Don’t care whether it’s big or small, just start somehow and somewhere. You might think you are working and earning your pay at the end of every month, but who says you can’t earn everyday or at worst every week. Do not forget that the phrase ‘You are fired’ isn’t meant for the employer but the employee, so learn to be your own boss today. Let the single thought of your own name being inscribed on the template be enough to challenge you. Stuffs like ‘’Ed Silt Conglomerate’’, ‘’Biola’s Spa and Gym’’, ‘’Adeola Fish Farms and Poultry’’, The renowned ‘’Mag Divas Boutique, Hair and Beauty’’, St. Genevieve Clothing line owned by thespians Mercy Aigbe Gentry and Genevieve Nnaji respectively. These personalities above are notable examples of individuals who have grown overtime with a view to building their own Palace of resources. Furthermore, when people describe you like this above, Then you are gradually building your own little Empire and in no time your success trail would be a source of inspiration to others. Me too will start something as soon as i drop my pen! Thanks for reading…



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