An adage in Yoruba land states that “it will end in the eye of the thief and will end in the eye of the owner”. Brothers and sisters, family and friends, gradually the time of crude oil in Nigeria is finally coming to an end as the  oil barrels drops daily, from millions per barrel to thousands per barrel.

Just in few months, two groups has emerged from Niger Delta to blow up pipelines. In quick observation, their senior brothers back then who were the real militants did stuffs like kidnapping foreigners, burnt few pipelines just to get attention, get some money and live. But what surprises one the most is that this new ones are not kidnapping anyone, they are just blowing pipelines up. The president wanted to go back to fix the Ogoni community before he fell ill and travelled.

I woke up to the news that another pipeline has been blown up and I felt a pang in my stomach meaning something tells me hunger in Nigeria just got extended. Then thoughts came in folds; why will the oil producing state be in shambles? , why will they be made fools of the nation? The ambassadorial nominee’s list came out with no nominee from Bayelsa, The federal government’s deregulation of oil with a fixed price only means the rich should keep getting rich and with the pattern of the new militants, the plan seems to be destroying any means of oil investors in the nation which will make us realize why the nation needs to build refineries and start a new beginning. They have not enjoyed the oil and now no one will enjoy it either, not the rich, not the poor unless the right things are done.

Enough of the rich and powerful in the nation stamping under-feet the poor. The new dawn is coming. The flowers refuse to bleed anymore as it starts a new growth, leaving the roots to bleed in its greed. God bless Nigeria!

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