So What Happens Now? – Episode 2

By Adegunloye Kayode

Am sure by now I do not need any more introduction. Anyway my name is still Oluwakayode and for the ardent followers of this ‘Damilola escapades’ am pretty sure you remember where we stopped the last time out.

He was in his room later that Tuesday evening so disconsolate and low-spirited. He was in the midst of figuring out what it was with that lady that has made him not to take his mind off her when suddenly he heard a bang on his door, before he could respond to whoever it was, his ‘yeye’ friends had found their way into his room. He hissed as his friends made themselves comfortable, they were the last ‘set of thing'(lol) on his mind at that moment, Deji one of them was quick to read his weird countenance and he asked him what was biting him…

Damilola hissed yet again as he mumbled some words, am sure they’ll be like ‘guy talk jor'(lol) you know how we guys act especially when we are eager to get gisted. Meanwhile the other friend was busy cooling off with a bottle of chilled water he had picked from the small fridge as soon as they entered into his room a while ago. Finally, Damilola told them how he could barely take his mind off the lady he had an encounter with in school earlier that day, Deji ran into a shock with his mouth agaped like he was about to throw up and the other friend almost gulping the remaining quantity of water in the plastic bottle. It was a surprise, Am sure you’ll say it’s nothing biggy to like a lady or even wanting to date a lady, Yes! It’s really nothing special but they were baffled because a long time ago Damilola had made known of his dislike for campus relationships as he believed that most of those relationships were dumped outside of the campus gates as soon as the parties are done, and Damilola being a heck of a principled jerk who doesn’t go back on his words was the last person expected to start up with this.

Expectedly his friends busted into a wild laughter as they practically made a mockery of him. However, after laughing to their satisfaction Deji was quick to remind him of his long standing principle and ideology of not subscribing to campus affairs and how he had severally shunned advances from ladies on the campus, trust me he’s really the ladies guy. Abegii, left for me all these figuring out nah lie jare or what do we call this? Damilola couldn’t help but to open up to his friends that there was something different about the lady and he was ready to find out whatever it was.

In no time the search for what it was began, it was the dawn of a fresh day and as usual he was set for school, though his lecture was slated for 10am but he had a task ahead of him and so he dressed up quickly and sprinted out of the house. Luckily for him a biker was roving by, he stopped him and jumped on the back seat and off to the Campus. He got to their lecture room which was still partially deserted because it wasn’t their lecture time just yet, who cares anyway…he wasn’t ready for lecture after all. He continued to the other lecture rooms being used by departments in the Arts Faculty as they were the only ones who traditionally took lectures there. He combed virtually everywhere but there was no trace of this mysterious lady, he subsequently grew frustrated and dejected as it was almost time for his lecture and after’ back to back’ search but this time without any ‘hit’ he opted to go for his lecture and maybe continue his search later.

The lecturer wasn’t around when he got to class, he spotted his friends seated at their usual seat which was positioned at the end of the first column, he joined them as they shook hands and quickly joked which was accompanied with a couple of laughs, he was about to sit when the lecturer came in. The lecture started at once and the lecturer was one of their kinds who love to dictate their notes…sebi you know what I mean? It could be tiring at times (lol).Whichever way they had no choice. Damilola was the fast type when it comes to reading, assimilating and even taking dictations. Yes! He was that intelligent, however after a series of dictation his friends were lost and had to start copying from his note as the lecturer was so rapid with the dictation…all this naughty lecturers sha! They will never use the board and their marker, well the dictation was still on when suddenly Damilola took an unconscious and unusal glance at the window side and guess who was strolling by, Holy Moses! It was our own very mysterious lady, he never thought twice as he stood up, begged to be excused and stormed out of the lecture room…ouch! It’s the doorbell and I need to take this, we’ll continue next week.

Gracias por leer!

Te veo la proxima semana!


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