So What Happens Now? – EPISODE 1

By Adegunloye Kayode

It’s practically my first time around here so I believe i’ll need to briefly introduce myself and perhaps crave your indulgence to pardon any form of timidity.

Well, My name is Oluwakayode (edoyak) am sure you’ll wonder what that is, let me save you the stress, it’s simply Kayode from the rear (lol) I just like it that way but let’s not talk about the surname at least for now *chuckles*. Can I really call this a diary, daybook or maybe a journal? all nah oyinbo (grammar) jor I think i’ll prefer to tag it a ‘write-up’…Yes! Let’s leave it at that.

It’s crystal obvious that one of the so many topics discussed in this dispensation of ours’ is love, which brings me to the essence of this succinct delivery.

Damilola was in his third year in one of these reputable universities in the country where he was studying English. He’s someone you can describe as being tall, astute, elegant, smart, intelligent and of course shrewd or maybe principled would be more exact. Did I forget to mention that he’s handsome too? Oh yes! He is indeed handsome with his dark complexion complementing his cuteness (the ladies guy), enough of the ‘Damilola’ description jare.

It was on a bright Tuesday morning after taking one of those boring ENG lectures, I mean all these early mormo lectures. He was about stepping out of the lecture room amidst chatters with his two close chums when he mistakenly bumped and stumbled into this lady who was hurriedly dashing off for her lectures, am sure you know that kind of package now? (lol) anyway, she was one of the calmest ladies you’ll ever find around our campuses here in the country at least judging from the mild way she acted in spite of what just happened. sebi you know now? The crazy ones would have done ‘better’.

Let’s just say that was Damilola’s lucky day sha, he swiftly picked the lady’s books that were now scattered all over the ground as he simultaneously apologized, she took her books from him after he was done picking and went her way. Damilola was left rooted and muted to the spot as he watched the lady catwalk to her lecture room even though his friends summoned on him to let them leave the environ.

Soon afterwards it was the end of the day’s work in school and in no time he was back to his lodge…’leaders lodge’ as it was famously called and boldly inscribed in the frontage of the house.

Everything was normal with him that dusk except the fact that he couldn’t take his mind off that lady he stumbled on earlier on campus………

Abegi let me drop my pen here jare,we’ll continue nextweek.


                                  Nos vemos mas tarde!


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