Naija Guys Per State

Based on a true life story.

I have been opportuned as a lady to have guys in some states of this great country and beloved here are the results gathered.

Ondo guys are quick to playing smart. They’d rather spend your money to love you. Cheats by blood, they don’t even know when they cheat. Stubborn and great liars but what I love about them is there pride and prestige. If they have only one shirt and trouser, you can’t tell, it don’t show. God! My guys got charisma.

Moving on to Ekiti. These guys are amusing, they can love you with their entire being today and doubt that very feelings tomorrow. Don’t ever come between them and their drink and they love to be in company of friends. They like gossip. But I like them because they are the focused kind, they always get things done.

The Ibadan guy I met had no chill. If you say you are his chick, then you better get to the duties. They always want quick results without even putting much into anything. Ibadan guys don’t like people in general. Just out for the gain.

Okene guys. My God! Lovely, you are guaranteed sweet dreams next to them just pray you don’t wake up in fire and smoke. So, temperamental, they can light you up for snoring and disturbing their sleep. But quite loving if they don’t scare you.

Ogori guys are loyal and dedicated. They can stick to one woman all their lives and not cheat. But, I guess that is because they just don’t have emotional flow. They have a boring soul. Their Brother which is Magongo, can woo a chicken, they can’t separate their female friends from their girlfriend, all Na to fire.

The Central Kogi guys love based on mood. If they are rich they will love but if they are not then the girl has to go on leave till they start feeling ok to love again. They love sympathy and love their own shadow too much.

The Hausa guys are categorized general. I love their smile if it has no decay.  They are ready to give you the world which most times is their cow farm. I just don’t do well with guys into agriculture. The only problem is, make sure they understand you whenever you talk or do things. If it feels that they don’t understand you, don’t say or do it because the whole nation might get burnt for it. Their anger has no chill.

Oh! I won’t forget the Igbo guys. They also can love, obsessed with drinking. Quite the responsible kind among men in this country. But their chick is their property. They own you it is just where their mentality is. They will slap you without thinking twice. I run from them, as in literally take to my heels when they trying to woo me.

At the end, who is good and who is bad. Their dynamism makes the country of a certain colour. I love my Nigerian guys. I will pick from anywhere because I can.

…to be continued.

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