Hard work an Antidote to Hard life: The Story of Olajumoke Orisaguna – Olajoke Akinkuolie

We all desire the good things of life but many of us are not willing to sacrifice our time and energy, the truth is, good life is not easy to come by. You cannot wake up one morning to discover you have millions of money in your account without working for it. It takes hard work for us to acquire the good wishes of life. We need to learn the principles that have worked for generations.

Olajumoke Orisaguna, a bread-seller turned model is trending on social media lately. It all happened when TY Bello, an International Nigerian photographer captured her with Tinie Tempah during one his shoots for Thisday Style Cover. A lot of reactions on and offline followed, with many saying “it was an opportunity at a perfect time” other said “luck and mere grace”, others even said “it was a publicity stunt” etc. Even though I agree with the above submissions, many have failed to realize it was hard work that helped her.

What if she had decided not to hawk that evening?
What if she had thought of giving herself a break from the burden of carrying a tray overloaded with bread that fateful day?
What if she was ashamed of hawking and rather engaged in other “biz-girls’ acts”?
She would have definitely missed the opportunity that will surely transform her life for the best, trust me, for the best I say.

I admonish you start taking yourself and work seriously, hard work pays, whatever your hand finds doing, do it with a gracious heart. You may never know what will sell you to the world. There is a pay day for every faithful worker.
Be consistent in the pursuit of your goals, do not relent on your efforts in achieving your dreams, stop procrastinating, the time to start that business is now, turn your hobby into a profession. Stop waiting for a job interview, it may never come, be your own boss.

What will make you is in you, search your soul and discover your strengths. Life becomes pleasurable when you turn your passion into a profession. What has been deposited in you by your creator is enough for your survival.

Stop waiting for that convenient time, because it will never come. The time to start is now. It will be hurting to see you working when you are supposed to be relaxing, going on vacations and touring the world. Invest in your old age now.
I hope this article acts as a wakeup call for someone especially ladies out there to take a clue from Olajumoke Orisaguna.
See you later…………………………

Photo Credit: TY Bello

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