Episode 1: Sweet Revenge by Olu Mabel

I’ve heard it many times, but you can’t know how sweet it could be until you are the one doing the revenge. Though it’s not usually sweet to the one who is being revenged against. Luckily for me, I was the one who was to experience the sweet part. Nothing in the world would stop me. It was just the most reasonable thing to do.

As a teenager who just completed secondary education, I wanted to have my own share of youthful exuberance. Every teenager is bound to anyway. Even with my strict parental upbringing, I was able to. I had a partner who made it easier- Ben, my revenge target!

We lived in the same neighborhood and was a step ahead of me, having just gained admission into the university. That was a plus for me and made me first among my peers. As expected, we explored the forbidden world- sex, which resulted into why I sought a revenge!

Three months after we started having unprotected sex, I got pregnant. My parents were disappointed in me, but there was no way they could encourage me to abort it because of their faith. My parents met with Ben’s parents and they agreed that I had the baby. They pledged their unflinching support for the child’s upbringing. I managed to write my JAMB exam of which I passed averagely.

My childbirth experience made me to feel more guilty for bringing shame upon my mother. It amazed me how women could go through such pain and still remain strong! I had difficulty giving birth by myself, ‘obstructed labour’ was the diagnosis. I signed the consent form for the cesarean section. I received encouragement from my parents and Ben’s. Ben was in school. My mother could not stop tears from flowing as she saw her 17year old angel being wheeled into the theatre.

After the baby was brought out, the doctors battled with hemorrhage. They tried all they could to stop the bleeding but to no avail. The only solution was for my uterus to be removed in order to save my life. That was all I knew before I passed out. I later learnt that my parents had asked Ben’s to sign the consent for the major surgery. After some argument, Ben’s father did. I woke up six hours later to see my adorable baby boy inside a cot beside me. I also saw my mum with eyes tired out from weeping. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had become ‘wombless’!

Stayed tuned for episode 2 next week…

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