The Osun Civil Servant – Akinbinu Rotimi

It had become a routine trek lately

Borne not for leisure but a cling for survival

But with every less pace away from the destination

Came the gradual plummet of his virtual hopes


His living room, saved by the uneven weak rays

Given off by flames from his old rugged kerosene lamp

But still not enough to warm the his family

Nor rid the gloom that questioned his capabilities


The excitement that greeted his return had vanished

No more would his lads anxiously peep through the windows

Watchful in their wait for his ‘worthy’ return

To ravage the chocolates that lurked in his pockets


But times had changed and tunes as well

The rodents have pitifully deserted his room

The ajar mouths to fill and Nile-like bills to pay

Plagued his soul as though a Pharaoh by Moses


Once more he was aface his destination

With frail fingers punching and fixed eyes on the screen

Wishing luck could single him out for wage payment

Alas, his 4-digit balance remained decimalised (N21.49)


Akinbinu Rotimi Andrew is a physician with strong affinity for literature. His keen interest is in poetry and he refers to his works as ‘descriptive poetry’.

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