Short Story

Short Story- Serves me Right by Olu Mabel


“I, Olagbaju Kehinde, take you, Oluwasegun Coker, as my husband, to……”

Fresh hot tears burn my eyes as the couple exchange wedding vows. It’s a day of joy. I’m sure many understand my tears, so I’m not concerned with wiping my face.

It’s my twin’s wedding, I am the chief brides-maid. The tears isn’t only of joy, but of hurt, pain, and regret.

The man getting married to my twin, is my dream man, my crush!

Why the twist? And why do I deserve it?

It all started sixteen years ago when Kenny and I were in primary 6 at age eleven. We were the only children of our parents before Jeremy, our brother came five years later.

Kenny was a bookworm. I didn’t envy her. I was never into books. I had always wanted to be a cook. I started cooking at the age of eight.

Even though my parents appreciated my precocious culinary ability, they preferred that I was as academically smart as my twin. They never stopped making comparison which set me on edge.

On this fateful day, we received our last result in the primary school. As usual, Kenny topped the class, and I took the 13th position in a class of 30.

I was happy for my twin, mine didn’t matter. To me, I did well enough. But all hell was let loose after dinner as dad and mum couldn’t hide their anger and disappointment at my performance. They compared me with Kenny, who was a recipient of three prizes and an award.

I wept my eyes out and for the very first time, I was consumed with jealousy. A momentary hatred for Kenny overwhelmed me. Our parents preferred her over me. A wicked thought visited me and I welcomed it.

I picked a banana from the fridge, ate it hurriedly, and dropped the peel on the floor when I heard Kenny’s footsteps. She was running, she stepped on the banana peel, and slipped. She fell so hard that she was unconscious for 12hours in the hospital.

Not only that, Kenny’s left leg was broken. After spending a month in the hospital, she was discharged on crushes, and ended up limping. I still nurse the guilt in my heart till date. How do I tell my family that I was responsible for Kenny’s plight.

And Segun Coker?

I owned a restaurant like I’ve always desired after studying Nutrition in the university. Segun worked in an insurance company adjacent my shop, and he spent his lunch hour at my place.

He was physically an average ladies’ man; tall, dark, handsome, and with slight baldness. His jovial nature drew me to him. I always looked forward to his lunch hour. We discussed as great friends. Needless to say, I liked him a lot. To be truthful, I had a crush on him.

But I wasn’t sure if it was mutual. May be he saw me as a mere friend whose company he could always enjoy. I was however sure of two things: he wasn’t in a relationship, and I wasn’t about to spit out my feelings to him.

I’ve tried three relationships all of which didn’t work. There was always one thing that pissed me off in those men that I couldn’t cope with. But it was different with Segun. I felt like I could cope with his worst.

Segun accepted my invitation to visit me at home on a weekend. I made sure I looked my best, and of course, my culinary skill never failed me. Kenny and I shared a flat together, and we received him warmly.


Segun thrilled us with his joviality. We laughed our hearts out. But I observed that Kenny and him clicked so much like they’ve been friends for years.

Both being bookworms, they talked indepth about the failing education system of the country, the books and novels they’ve read. Segun even parted with some of her books.

And when Segun eventually saw her limping, I saw compassion in his eyes. Kenny have tried two relationships but got heart broken. Other men who initially showed interest in her usually backed off on realizing that she limped. Every man desires a perfect beauty, right?

When brilliant Kenny couldn’t secure a job much due to her limping, she went for her Masters Degree in Education, after bagging a degree in the same course.

With the help of our parents and I, she established her own coaching centre, employed competent teachers, and Kenny Excel Coaching Centre(KECC) became one in town.

I put in so much to see that her dreams came alive, probably that would relieve the guilt I felt for being the reason behind my twin’s woes.

Segun became a frequent visitor in our house during the weekends. I didn’t relish his visits any longer because it was obvious that he came for Kenny, and not me. I gave reasons why I had to go out anytime he was around. I couldn’t bear seeing my crush and my twin acting like lovers.

I’ve wrecked enough havoc with my envy sixteen years ago, I didn’t want my envy to make me do more.

Eight months later, I received a blow in my heart. Segun proposed to Kenny! I could tell they were in love. I wept my heart out. I couldn’t tell it to no one.

I deserved it, really. Kenny had lost many eligible men because of my wicked act. Now that she had a man who loved her sincerely, who saw beyond her defect, she deserved to be happy.

They had their introduction ceremony three months later, and the wedding was to hold in two months.

Here they are today, exchanging their marital vows. As the chief bridesmaid and a twin, I’m happy for them, but also sad for my own loss.

I would keep my heart open to receive love if I find it, and as for confessing to my family that i broke my twin’s leg and caused her to limp, is it necessary?


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