Short Story

Short Story- Lovecrastination by Olu Mabel

“Kingsley and Tola aren’t getting married again!” Emeka dropped the bombshell.

“Are you serious?” I asked with my eyes wide opened.

Kingsley, Emeka and I were good friends. We were roommates in the university though in different departments. We were inseparable triplets.

Tola and I were in the same department. She was my best girlfriend. We became so fond of each other  and were tagged the best couple right from 200Level. I knew she loved me as much as I loved her but I didn’t propose to her because I didn’t want any distraction for us.

Tola was a welcomed guest in our room. We called her ‘Queen’ because she was our closest girlfriend. However, envy took the better part of me when I observed that Tola was getting more intimate with Kingsley during our final year. I decided to propose to her after our final exams.

“I have something to tell you,” I held her hands excitedly, peering into her beautiful eyes. It was during our final year students’ dinner. She was a ravishing beauty and I couldn’t wait to express my love to her.

“Wait! I have something to tell you too,” she smiled alluringly.

“Okay, you go first. Ladies first.”

“Kingsley proposed to me yesterday and I said yes! We are in a relationship now,” she said.

I was dazed. I found it hard to believe. My countenance fell.

“What will happen to the love we share?” I asked. Beads of sweat gathered on my forehead.

“What love, David? Did you ever tell me you love me? I waited all this while for you but you only saw me as a friend and not a lover. Kingsley showed me love and he has captured my heart. I’m sorry, David.” She walked out on me before I could say anything more.

I stood with mouth agape. I was lost. That was the most terrible news I’ve ever heard. I felt heartbroken and betrayed. How could Kingsley and Tola betray me?  But I remembered that Kingsley had asked me if Tola and I were dating. I told him we were just friends. How could I have done this to myself? I wished there was a grave in front of me to crawl into.

I couldn’t fall in love with other ladies, no matter how good they were. I still believed that Tola was meant for me and would be back for me. Her love burned in my heart. How I envied Kingsley!

Exactly one year after our NYSC, Kingsley and Tola decided to get married. It came as a shock to me. I’ve kept away from relationship 2 years after school hoping that the only lady I’ve ever loved would come into my open arms. To add insult to injury, I was to be best man!  It was just too much for me but I had to do this for my friend.

Hence, Emeka’s news was just the best for me. I knew it! Tola was mine. That was why she refused to marry Kingsley on their wedding day! Now, I can propose to her, and squander my love on the woman of my dreams. I felt great joy in my heart and was about screaming……

“David, common wake up. When will you stop sleeping everywhere? You haven’t changed at all. It’s time to sign the marriage register.”

I opened my eyes to see the groom staring at me. I had slept off during the boring sermon. I rubbed my eyes and danced with the couple to the vestry to sign the marriage register. It was the toughest thing to do but I had no choice. I wished them well.

This is the price I had to pay for ‘lovecrastination’.  If I had expressed my love to Tola, I would have been the groom today. My hope of having Tola return to me crashed today. I’ll pick the pieces of my heart together to find love again.

If you’re sure of what you want and you see it in someone, don’t delay in expressing your love. You’re not the only one who loves good things. Many are paying dearly for coming late. Don’t ‘lovecrastinate’.

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