Nigerians Comfort in Spirituality – Yewande Adedokun


Everyday I wake up with some sense of discomfort just like every Nigerian, we all go to bed thinking when it will all end, gradually it has become our life now. Worries unending and all incomplete plans.

The little problems that becomes the uncontrollable into a compilation of issues, keeps mounting up every day. Every Nigerian has at least up to three psychological battles daily, just to get things done. A Nigerian unemployed or loses a job, comes home to a nagging wife and children who feels the pressure of the frustration flowing into each day, issue becomes uncontrollable and resolves into domestic violence. We all need someone to blame for our problems, it gets bad when we can’t find anyone to take that position.

In just a day, one might fight the battle of emotions, lack and choices and when it seems it’s getting better, you see yourself fighting so hard to maintain what you’ve got that is nothing yet. I don’t blame Nigerians comfort in spirituality. An average Nigerian becomes an extreme spiritualist simply because it does not make any sense anymore, something must be responsible for things we go through, so the annoyance is poured on the devil, the devil can’t survive in Nigeria because it’s often easily blamed. Thank God we have the devil to blame for everything.

We want to know so we search for prophets with prophesies, going through mundane sources just to get answers if it will ever get better and we connect our belief to that. All our focus is how to survive this life which is just the first stage to human existence; we are still in the stage of self, when we all still have the selfless stage waiting for a take, we still in the path of receiving when hardly anyone is walking the path of giving.

A delay in complete existence is eating everyone up, a fellow Nigerian falls by the road and no one wants to come to the person’s rescue because the law is not right enough for you to take that action. We are in a country where one gets jailed for helping another person and you expect that person not to go insane with questions of “how is that ever possible? This must be spiritual, my enemies are at work. The devil is at work” because naturally, it is unheard of.

The country bleeds every day, the insurgents is small compared to what kills us every day. When one is suppose to be at the hospital before an hour for their life to be saved and due to the bad road, the person gives up the ghost. If eventually the person makes it to the hospital, he is not being attended to because the hospital is closed for the night and the doctor is sleeping, the nurses can’t give you attention because there is a better gossip in the office better than another man’s life (self over selflessness).

So, we all want to find that thing that makes us command attention like money, power just for self when those things were never about self. Money and power is never designed for self, it is too much for just one human being to consume, you don’t expect a human being to consume one million bottles of alcohol without sharing it with anyone and not misbehave or even lead to his death. It is just the same thing with money and power; it is too much for just one person to consume it. So you can imagine the number of human beings within the country that is intoxicated and misbehaving because they consume money and power for self.

They give to church, orphanage homes, give to the needy with the condition that the whole world knows they did all these things. They are not comfortable to give to anyone behind closed doors, because a statement has to be made, so, a Nigerian will walk from Kaduna to Abuja on feet just to get the crumbs of the bread.

I don’t know how all these will go on, it is nothing political, it’s just a disease we refuse to admit to. At the end of the day after all said about law, the government and the society. OYO is the case for every Nigerian.

You have yourself to blame for everything. The government cannot protect you, provide for you, we all fall on our knees praying to a God or gods because we all feel, it is not normal anymore.










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