Nigeria Leaders must prioritise ‘Positive Energy’- Yewande Adedokun

Usually the sense of power is seen and perceived as strength, when the truth remains that power is only generated into its full value when the circle is complete. The strength of this circle is only given at a period of time to operate as a tool of empowerment.

Before power is given strength, the circle needs to be complete to indicate the virtue into an active mode and after this occurrence, the circle becomes weak and answerable to the power source which now carries the strength. The circle plays a more sacrificial role while the virtue of power now creates energy for the circle to service with.

The above illustration of power and the circle of power is a vivid chart of what role the government and its people play for survival. The energy produced by power could be positive or negative.

So, here comes my question; how much of positive energy and how much of negative energy do we as masses get from the government in all the administrations we have witnessed? without airing my opinion we can pick distinctively.

Nigeria and Ondo State which are the major focus here have produced both negative and positive energy, what amuses me the most is that this present Ondo State Government has produced the positive and the negative energy at the same time.

Don’t be confused with science, positive energy in this sense is when people praise a government and profess their comfortability during its administration, while negative energy is the direct opposite.

The present Ondo State Government started very well, got the indigenes beaming, even the opposition parties had nothing to say against it enough to give a bad face, then towards the tail end of the first tenure (after the re-elections), indigenes realised that they have been enslaved by just a mirror similar to the one given to African Kings by the whites.

The beauty in the state was equivalent to the debt owed by the government resolving to an empty treasury. So, the indigenes got a beautiful road, water-fountain and street lights with empty pockets, which resolves to only mad-men on the street had the time to appreciate the water fountain at Alagbaka, we all know that.

Analysing this sudden change illuminates the power of manipulation by the government. The circle was manipulated to sacrifice its virtue only for the power in play to turn around and infest the circle with a negative energy and watch it collapse.

The Ondo State government was silent even as Civil Servants were not paid their salary. Eventually, it came up with the suggesting that civil servants should find a supportive means of survival due to the economic melt-down. This same suggestion, which is not enshrine in the Nigerian constitution nor the Civil Service Rule handbook. The handbook frowns at Civil Servant’s pursuit of supportive means of survival. In other words, a civil servant does what is wrong and gets laid off work because he/she pursued a supportive means as suggested by the government leading to his/her loss of the job. This suggestion after a critical analysis, boils down to, increasing unemployment and low standard of living. Now that is some NEGATIVE ENERGY.

Under the former administration of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Nigerians complained of corruption while the government was concerned with clinging on to power for the second tenure. A lot of government activities was let down, because the focus was not on the circle which is the people. A lot of NEGATIVE ENERGY was infested also; Boko Haram, corruption, economic melt-down, low standard of living to mention a few.

Taking a cognise look at the President Muhammadu Buhari led government, as fresh as the administration is, it’s already blind-siding some activities in the country. The administration is all over insurgency, insurgency affects the country no doubt, but only affects three states in the North Eastern part of the country with an adverse effect on less than 5 local governments in the 3 states. While the bone of contention either from the part of the insurgents or the general Nigerian populace remains unemployment, low standard of living, economic melt-down and the endless list. Money is being collected from the looters by the present administration, but the whole administration cannot play the role of EFCC. Patience as a virtue is good, but let priority be put in place, let EFCC smoke out the looters and keep records, while Nigerian government supervise the money regained and do what needs to be done with it.

The present administration need to beware of the NEGATIVE ENERGY so as to live up to the standard and vows it has set for itself. Also, let the self-righteous preaching of “Don’t wait for government to build roads and provide social amenities, let Nigerians also provide this things because we are all Nigerians”. If a certain community is occupied by 70% unemployed youths with parents without regular pension and 30% employed youths with parents without regular pension who are also responsible for immediate family needs. By the grace of God that community will avoid the bad road till a particular youth among them becomes a local government chairman, governor or connected to those in power before the road is rehabilitated. The community will prefer to channel another road with cutlass, park their cars and walk home by foot.

The bottom-line is that ‘The Negative Energy’ is faster to collapse a nation than the speed of ‘Positive Energy’ to build it back. The government must be responsible to the people and not the power givers and that is a necessary virtue for the survival in all the three tiers of government in the country.

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