My Name is Preciousgift


I remember growing up when I was quite younger and was asked my name, I would hesitantly reply – My name is Preciousgift. Hesitant was the word because I loathed the unnecessary question and answer session that ensues whenever I say my name.

My dear mother would not make it easier.She would vehemently say….’Your name is not Precious o,’Tell them your name is Preciousgift’. I just wanted to bear Precious or Gift… Besides, that was the most asked question. Is your name Precious or Gift?. In return, I would just shake my head and say… My Mother said my name is preciousgift (lol).

My name made me the cynosure and had me talked about for at least 30sec before a new topic emerged. People wanted to see the girl bearing Preciousgift, what kind of name is that? Is precious your name or your Surname? Is it your nickname or your real name? Why is it together? Are you from Rivers state (Like people from Rivers state had special kind of names they bear) which one do you bear? Precious or Gift Abeg, What kind of name is that (Is a compound name with a qualifier and a noun)…… I grew up answering questions whenever my name popped up; Infact, a random dude had to check my I.D card to confirm!

A woman had called me to stay off her hubby because she felt I was a side chick since he had stored my name as Preciousgift (lol), Just recently, a renowned doctor in Ondo town asked if my mother had delay in child bearing before I came on board.

It got to a stage that I had to opt for my Yoruba name whenever I was asked of my name in a bid not to answer Jamb questions… Lol. But in all honesty, My name is Preciousgift… not a nickname, was not a special or miracle baby, am not an only child… Just a regular somebody with an unusual name.

As I grew older I came to love my name and people’s reaction when I tell them my name. I have seen someone burst out in laughter upon hearing my name. I have seen someone looking impressed like….Wow, that’s a nice name. Then am like….Thank you, Don’t mention. LOL

I used to think my name was a hit oo until I heard names like Saturday, Experience, Gratitude, ThankGod, Harmony, Breakthrough. I have seen a lady bear Deji.

You can also hit me up with names you’ve come across as weird as mine. When I drop my pen, would put a call across my parents- My mum in particular, because am sure my name was her brain child!

Talk to you later, Let me call my mum.


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