Kuye Ajantiele by Rotimi Akinbinu

This poem was inspired by the drama AJANTIELE, which describes the love affair between Kuye and Betiku. The play was adapted from ORUWO written by Azeez Micheal (Ajakaye) and performed at the OBJ hall, Adeyemi College of Education on 17th December, 2015. I had to do this poem to describe my first theatre experience in Ondo.


Fear and anger faced raced down his veins

Anxieties of defeat consumed his marrows

His overgrown muscles sought freedom from reins

And cold sweats crawled downed his spine’s narrow


Was he to bow to dictates of fate?

Or fight the horror imposed on him

Abject gloom clouded his bewildered state

And his panging heartbeats began to dim


Was he to celebrate his presumed peculiarity?

Was he the definition of his circumstantial name

If iku (death) could pass over his head in totality

Why would his lack not trail the same lane


Just then her fingers caressed his uneven skin

And her ripened breast rubbed his scoliotic back

Her whispers and songs ravaged his ears and therein

To warm his soul and conceal his lack


Then the man in him rose and his face brightened

His impoverished soul resolved to defend its love

And though doom spelt and lightening threatened

He was prepared danced to the gongs of AJANTI ELE

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