Exclusive: Idris Mamukuyomi declares ambition to run for MHA

Mr. Idris Mamukuyomi has declared his intention to run for the Ondo State House of Assembly Ondo West Constituency II seat in the next general election. This was made known in a exclusive chat with EkimogunMirror.

Idris Mamukoyomi is someone who could be described as an intelligent, resourceful and a vast person.  He is an illustrious Ondo born who has carved a massive niche for himself in several fields that has made him a popular personality in his immediate society and far away. Although young and vibrant, he yet has his head filled with the ideas of a veteran. He is a workaholic to the core and it comes as no surprise that this young man has gotten several innovations and establishments under his belt.

The CEO of the Lagos based entertainment outfit known as O2 Entertainment and also the organizer of the popular beauty pageant Miss Ekimogun. The latter being an annual beauty spectacle which has groomed several ladies into world class models and fashionistas. All along Idris Mamukoyomi derives huge pleasure seeing youths make headways in their chosen fields, He considers them as the next big generation and so they should be heard and allowed to express themselves to the fullest.
He is also the cofounder of afriexporter.com, an online B2B platform for African commodities for global consumptions. He has in his hands in alot of entrepreneur businesses and trainings that have impacted on youths development around the Nation.

Furthermore, saddled with the notion of contesting for a seat in the Ondo State House of Assembly, this man  has come up with yet another laudable idea. He opined that the youths should be given free hands to take part in active politics, a scenerio which would see youths engage themselves in the Political affairs of the State and the country at large. This idea would ensure that there would be evolution and as youth with brilliant ideas should be supported at the poll take charge of the political terrane. He believes it’s high time the young chaps took the front row in the nation’s political affairs as decision taken will affect their own future unlike the oldies who won’t be part of the future.

Conclusively, Idris has come to remove the veil covering the faces of several youths. While some hold a stout belief that the governing and politics of the country is meant for those who have been in the political set-up right from the onset, He feels we as youths can stand firm to change the tides and venture into decent politics. He however enjoins the zealous youths who see themselves not only as an individual but as leaders to rise up to the ocassion and see how well they could fare in the Politics of the Nation.

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