Senate President’s Court Case: Who Is the Law?

My great people of Nigeria. Our leaders are clowns. But, we have the grace to analyze, so we will. It is no news that there is a 13-count charge against the senate president of this country and the case is on-going, and everything is wrong for the constitution cannot be without this same man who has his team in the house.

Eighty-Four senators (84), Sixty- four (64) lawyers. Both supporters and defendants are totally One hundred and Forty-eight spectators, the court house turned to a stadium, the Nigerian O.J Simpson. I hope finding a means to eat is not what will destroy this nation.

Senate members including prominent ones came to support the senate President. The man who refused to declare assets worth over 2billion (for the ones yet found) and looting of funds as a governor, that only tells one thing. All of those supporting also have undeclared assets, that is the only way they can feel so comfortable to strongly try to protect Senate President Saraki and what they are supporting him for his appeal that the constitution does not give power that he should be tried under such counts.

And if you ask me, in the house you hear him say “and the ayes have it”. Who is the law? Who is the constitution? Who makes it a law? This same man and his team. And we have given them all the power to decide what is best for our country. We have entrusted to a bunch of people without integrity to decide for us, we have given power to people that stole from us four years if possible more to rule over us because of hunger. Let me have a rethink here, we did not give it to this man in question, he took it and there was nothing we could do about it because he became the law before he was given the power. No wonder the IGP ordered for his arrest and it was not honoured, refusing to appear before the court because he feels so sure he cannot be touched, his legal advisers assured him. Now, they say the law has no right over him.

The senate President till today has not denied these charges, but maintaining that the constitution does not give the court the right to charge him with the offences leveled against him. #pure confrontation of justice.

Nigerians need him to sign the budget, we need him to protect this country, but to do that, he needs to protect himself first, which means the constitution that is written has to bend now.

If an ordinary person has a case in court by now, he/she would have been given a leave of absence to save the image of the company.  The president is so keen about getting investors down, the same investors that sees us as a joke. How we have an accused as a decision maker in the country. They read our news, it’s out there, and we all know how this works. When they come in, they will join the strong team. I hope justice is served even though we know this case might linger till he completes two tenure and as usual, we will do nothing about it.

Politics has been played, the constitution is unsure, the masses are ignorant, our belly rumbles for food, chances are, we might follow the offer of acceptance, if the constitution wins this, there is still hope for change, if not, change might be feeble after all. The decisions of today matters, the judiciary system needs to refuse manipulation to help the country survive. There are Nigerians that can live without Nigeria, we know them, but there are lots of us that cannot. God bless Nigeria.

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