Live: Ondo City stands still for Sir Shina Peters

5:10-This is where we are drawing the curtains and signing off. A big thank you to everybody who made the coverage of this show a success. My team mate Bankole Walter, our 2nd photographer Foto Afrika and every other person out there. It’s been a wonderful night at Faith Hall and Hotels, thank you for staying with us on the live updates.

5:08-Ladies and gentlemen, the show is now officially over as Sir Shina Peters steps off stage and MC Gold gives the vote of thanks on behalf of the management of MCD

4;40-Sir Shina is back on stage in what seems to be his fin al rendition for the night

4:37-Sir Shina Peters is amazed at the terrific rendition of his songs by the members of the Ondo chapter of AJU

An amazed Shina Peters can't hide his delight

An amazed Shina Peters can’t hide his delight

Sir Shina Peters prays for the boys

Sir Shina Peters prays for the boys

4:34-The Ondo chapter of Association of Juju musician (AJU) members have now taken over from Sir Shina Peters and the members are singing various versions of his songs to the delight of Sir Shina Peters…awon boys ti take over..Ondo boys representing

Ondo AJU taking over from Daddy

Ondo AJU taking over from Daddy


Demola Suzzy bogeying it down with Shina Peters

4:06-In this era of economic hardship, you can’t help but wonder where these money flowing around Sir Shina Peters is coming from…The country is not broke, I repeat the country is not broke…lol

it's money galore for the Afro-juju maestro

it’s money galore for the Afro-juju maestro

Sir Shina going home wiht pounds and dollars!!!

Sir Shina going home wiht pounds and dollars!!!

3:52-It’s been dancing galore folks……let’s get back to the 90s


Business time

3:20-Wale Adegeye (the son of the juju maestro King Sunny Ade ) is dolling out some cool cash on Sir Shina Peters

3:05-And Sir Shina Peters kick-starts his performance with a rendition of the Nigerian National Anthem. He says by the time he is done, the roof will come down. Hopefully, I can keep typing in the fire


Sir Shina Peters on stage…ACTION!!TION!!!TION!!TION

Sir Shina Peters sings the Nigerian National Anthem

Sir Shina Peters sings the Nigerian National Anthem

3:00-And finally, Ladies and gentlemen, the man of the moment, the man that we have all been waiting for, the afro juju maestro himself, Sir Shina Peters steps on stage. The thunderous ovation from the crowd is beyond crazy

2:20-Ade-Kelly doing what he knows how to do best on stage.



2:10-Jimmy Carter steps on stage to spend the money on Mr Olajengbesi

2:08-Tope sings so good that there was a motion for extension of time to continue singing on his behalf. Of course, the motion was granted exparte and the young man has been given additional minutes to wow the audience.

Tope Olajengbesi gets the audience off their seats

Tope Olajengbesi gets the audience off their seats

1:48-Tope Olajegbensi is live on stage

1:44: Finally, Ademola Suzzy’s supporters decided they have had enough and the young man also the young man having made enough cash decides to leave the stage


Folks having good moment

1:40-This is hilarious. Ademola Suzzy has spent more than his alloted time and the organisers are begging his teeming fans to allow him leave the stage. These folks are having none of that, they are still spraying him on stage and he is obviously enjoying himself. By my calculations, he has made 1.5 million naira tonight.


1:20-Ademola Suzzy is surrounded on stage by his numerous fans who are obviously having fun tonight


Prince Ademola Suzzy

1:15-Prince Ademola Suzzy steps on stage and gets a big reception from the audience

1:00-A big shout out to Prince Media our official photographer for tonight who has done a great job in putting together quality pictures for our teaming viewers. For the best of photography, kindly visit Prince Media at Apata in Ibadan.


Prince Media…more than photography

12:57-Demmy Blaze is live on stage…Babby oo, Babby oo, kajo ma lole, remember say you drink my moet…

12:51-MC Lag with their celestial costume have joined the train and are entertaining the audience


MC Lag = Cele boys and girls

12:45-MC Arkbishop doing a fantastic rendition of the trio of Orlando Owoh, King Sunny Ade and Sir Shina Peters in an outrageously comical manner

12:37-All the way from Owo city, we have the man who has modeled his singing style after the great Orlando Owoh, Great Segzy

Great Segzy of Owo Town

Great Segzy of Owo Town

12:33- MC Desmond is on stage with some hilarious comedy lines.

12:06-Walata making his cool cash on stage right now. Dunno if it is Walata or Wasiu Ayinde that is actually on stage. This guy is definitely the next big thing. Better watch your back Wasiu Ayinde…Walata will give you a run for your money.


This guy (Walata) will leave you thinking you had listened to Kwam 1 himself. The Ondo City Kwam 1

12:06-Walata (the Wasiu sing alike) makes a sensational entry on stage. if you are only listening to his voice, you will correctly assume the popular Wasiu Ayinde is on stage.


Dr and Dr Mrs Modupe


Solace and friends


Jimmy Carter da Boss

11:59-YFJ is on board to entertain us. Apparently he has a way of announcing his entrance. Lotta sexy dancers accompanying the young man on stage. Not a bad one I must say.


YFJ and his sexy thang killing the show…The fair babe has my attention..lovestruck

11:42: Lomi Akins live on stage…like his counterpart, he is also cashing out tonight


Lomi Akins getting his share of the bounty tonight

11:34: MC Wirinwirin treating the audience to a great delight


MC Wirinwirin doing his thing

11:33-Tosin Ultimate finally leaves the stage and MC wirinwirin of Eki FM steps on stage

11:26 Tosin ultimate looking like the biggest performer so far. Dude is getting sprayed from left, right and center.


Tosin Ultimate cashing out with his beautiful voice

11:20-whilst we are being entertained by Tosin Ultimate, here is a quick rundown on the profile of our guest artist and biggest performer of the night.


Sir Shina Peters began his singing career while playing the guitar with General Prince Adekunl. He later formed his own group with Juju Maestro Segun Adewale and after releasing many albums with Segun Adewale through the 1980s, he went on to form his own band “Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars”. Their first album release Ace (Afro-Juju Series 1) in 1989 went double platinum and was the career breakthrough which catapulted Sir Shina Peters into the limelight. “Ace” was a musical fusion between Juju and Afro beat; a rhythmic collaboration which pierced Ethnic, Cultural and language barriers in Nigeria. The second album release Shinamania (Afro-Juju Series 2) went on to further prove that Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars were on the verge to change and revolutionize the Juju Music scene in Africa. Sir Shina Peters is regarded as the creator of the well-respected music genre (Afro Juju) that exists in its own class till this day. The Shinamania crooner currently has 16 album releases to his credit.

11:16-MCD Record’s Artiste, Tosin Ultimate giving us something special at the moment


Tosin Ultimate live on stage

11.12 – Alfa Pman is thrilling us with his peculiar and interesting fuji music


Alfa Pman stuns with his peculiar fuji songs

11:00-Oba A-Kind mounts the podium to the delight of the audience


A-kind balling hard on stage


Buffy and Queen Akinsete earlier on the red carpet

10:52-MC Triple A steps on stage…This guy is killing English though. RIP English..lol


10:48-Official recognition of Mr Tolu Akinbohun and Mr Sola Oyeneyin

10:25-Kunmisings gets the audience on their feet


Sexy Kunmisings gets Arkbishop and Gbenga Gold going gaga


Ogbeni Lar and friend


10:18-TS Boyz are now on stage with some insane dancing steps. Skubi and his boys getting the audience wowed..


TS Boyz

10:01-Ondo’s finest musician, Mr Dapsing treats the audience to a delight…Aja Dapsing oya gbera



9:55-Official recognition of Jimmy Carter

9:54-Femi Odunwo in the building with his friends


Niran Osunwehinmi(CEO Faiths Hotel) and Femi Odunwo

9:53-Queen Akinsete gets us going with her beautiful voice


Queen Akinsete

9:50-MC Finest steps on stage to do his thing….comedy is all he knows. born and breed in the United Ketu of Lagos. All na UK…lol

9:45-The crowd getting thrilled by T Sax, the master of Saxophone


T Sax

9:41-Tonight’s event is anchored by the terrific duo of mercurial MC Arkbishop and MC Gbenga Gold


MC Gbenga Gold and MC Arkbishop

9:41-Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our live coverage of the much anticipated MCD Filmz and Record event. The organisers of the event have managed to convince the afro juju maestro himself (Sir Shina Peters) to Ondo city and the teeming people of Ondo are set to have an interesting groove with Sir Shina Peters and friends tonight.


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