In a village called “ALAKUKO”, there came a time when the king “AKUKO” and his cohorts were displeased with the drinks served at the last annual “AKUKOMAGE” festival. On a fateful morning, the king woke up and was extremely disturbed and furious about the complaints and gossips of the villagers in regards to the drinks served at the last festival. He was disturbed to the extent that he couldn’t eat the meal made severally by his favorite wife “Olori OLUROUNBI”, he sent his guards to inform “KAKAKI” the drink maker to come immediately and see him, when KAKAKI appeared before the king, the king was angered and rose from the throne to hit him with the royal hand fan in his hand, thanks to Olori Olurounbi who appealed to the king mean while she wasn’t happy that her husband hasn’t eaten for a while due to the situation.



Olori OLUROUNBI assured the king that she alongside the kings other wife Olori TEJUOSHO will assist KAKAKI to embark on a search on how to get a better drink before the forthcoming AKUKOMAGE festival. Several search was conducted with several experts consulted, questions comes to mind on what will be the outcome of this search? How will the result be presented to the king? What will possibly be the king’s reaction to the result?

AKUKO the king was seriously disturbed and was in a deep thought when suddenly, Olori OLUROUNBI came in to meet him with an unusual drink in her hand, and she was so remorseful at the king’s present situation. She called back the kings attention and showed the drink to the king but still in the state of thought he was a bit skeptical about the drink. Surprisingly, he decided to have a taste of the drink after his queen had tried to convince him, he was astonished at the taste (adun) pleasure (idunu) and satisfaction (ifokanbale) he got immediately, he sent for Otun who is being referred to as Oloye Kashimaawo.




On the arrival of Oloye Kashimaawo, kakaki the drink maker was already sited at the palace with AKUKO the king, Olori Olurounbi and Olori Tejuosho, when Otun tasted the drink, he jumped on his feet with lots of surprise and excitement and said “this must have been fetched from the rivers of the gods”. The king AKUKO prayed for kakaki with the drink and implored Otun to bless the land of ALAKUKO and KAKAKI the drink maker prior to the next AKUKOMAGE festival.



On the day of AKUKOMAGE festival, everybody from far and near were present, it was time to present the drink before the people of AKUKOMAGE  and well- wishers. The king made it known that it was discovered from the rivers of the gods and added that the drink shall be called “ORIJIN” because it was sent from above,  from our original source the creator, so everybody was eager to have a taste of the new drink, they drank with excitement and merriment, they all made a statement that “Laarin Gbogbo  Oti “ORIJIN” Laomaamu”, that was how people came to embrace the new drink “ORIJIN” and the news went round the town and beyond.

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