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Fatal Flyover collapse in Indian City

A flyover under construction in the Indian City of Kolkata has collapsed killing at least 20 people and injuring close to 100 people.

The accident took place in an area near Girish Park, one of Kolkata’s most densely populated neighbourhoods, with narrow lanes, and shops and houses built close together. The flyover which is 2km long has been under construction since 2009 and missed several deadlines for completion.

A disaster of this nature is gradually turning into a recurring tragedy in India. In August 2015, at least 11 people died after a building collapsed near India’s Western City of Mumbai. In July 2015, five people died when a storey building collapsed in Delhi. In June 2014, at least 60 people were killed when a building collapsed in a Chennai suburb; also in the same month, over 10 people died when a three story building in Delhi collapsed. April 2013 witnessed the death of 74 people when a high rise residential building in Mumbai collapsed and in September 2009, the chimney of a power plant in Chhattisgarh caved in killing 40 people.

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