Ark’bishop’s Diary: Guard your heart from envy


So there was this September as a kid, right there in Agege. It was the beginning of the “ember” months. Those seasons when we can smell christmas coming. Riding of bike (BMX to be precise was in vogue) most kids in the block couldn’t afford one so we have to take turn to rent from Baba Gani, an Ijebu man who specialises in sales of “borehole water”, sales of land, renting out of Bicycle among other “business I don’t know. We would rent this bike of his for some few minutes, drive around the street (like five poles from his shop- *Dem no born you well to carry Baba Gani Bike go far now”. We would show skills on the bike like “standing” among others before returning the rickety bike to the Ijebu man.

Then, I was the toast of the street as I can perform “stunts” with the bike…Don’t think an American daredevil kind of stunt o. just some standing on the bike, using my leg as a brake suddenly to make the bike’s hind tyre go into the air among other nollywood stunt. Kids idolise me. I was a bike celebrity until Kunle came into the scene. Now, Kunle was two years younger. He made my own driving skill a child’s play where he was and before you know it, Kunle took my celebrity spot and turned the “Don 1 of the crib” in bike riding…The most painful part of it is…I TAUGHT Kunle how to ride. Yes! I taught him right from the sitting position to almost everything he knew about bike riding. Now the boy I taught is taking my place. That was where Envy, the green eyed monster came in through. I became envious of Kunle and before you know it. I planned his “FALL”….As in his Fall literally. I in my devious little mind masterminded his fall to discredit his skill. I planned the fall and Kunle fell while riding. To God be the glory , kunle had just a sprain on his arm. That fall turned a “civil war” on the street as his parent would not take it lightly with me. Other kids tagged me the evil and before you know it, I was avoided like a plague. I was on my own. I regretted my action and it left me lonely and pensive.

My dad noticed this and he lectured me on life. He said “Look son, just because you taught someone how to do something doesn’t mean they won’t be better than you, you taught Kunle but he added to his skills and became better. Next time you don’t plan his fall but you move closer to him as a “boss” to know the secret to his new found elevation.” I thanked him and learned a lesson.

Same lesson I want you to learn today. That you taught Lagbaja how to sing or dance, show him into the line of business etc doesn’t mean they might not become better. He/she ll definitely add your knowledge to their and they ll blossom. Guard your heart from envy. Envy makes you notice your protégé is growing and if you are not careful. Envy eats deep into you and it won’t make you grow but leaves you high and dry. I know the young man who taught Asa how to play the strings. Today, Asa might be rated higher than him. Sunny Ade was once a protégé to Baba Sala. Life is funny and we cannot predict it. I hope we learned from that.

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