The Secret no Woman tells

By Yewande Adedokun

Several times I have heard men complaining that they do not understand a woman and they always try to do everything they can to understand a woman. It is in a man’s DNA not to back out of things until they perceive it is total failure. They are right, no woman can be understood by a glance. Every woman is twisted and either you believe it or not, that is the characteristics of a god. Every woman is a god. Some of them know they are and some don’t, but it does not change the fact that they are and their favourite worshippers are men, that is why it seems only men are concerned about women, but they also have parents and other family members. But they prefer to live in the lie of men than any other person.

No man owns a woman, a woman can only be owned by her wants, meaning you can only own a woman because of her wants not because you are loved. Although this makes them victims of human trafficking, prostitution, modern day slaves most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, a woman can be in love and act on love, that is because she has the capability to love anyone and anything. Have you ever seen a woman adore a shoe? If you do, you will understand what am saying. A woman might be so materialistic that she does not care if it is a imbecile that meets her demand, she will marry. Every woman craves for something and they always search to find who can put their mind to rest over their wants unlike a man that can end up with any woman as long as he feels he can condone her. Not all women crave for materialism as men perceive. Please note that the wants that makes a woman decide about the future are ultimate wants, other type of wants can change over time but the Ultimate want never changes.

A woman’s weakness is a blessing and her strength is a curse. Once the reservoir of satisfying her wants runs dry so does the love run dry, that is how you should know that it is never about love for them, love to them is like an hobby, it comes easy. A woman’s want in this context is her weakness and inability to get her weakness fed leads to her strength. A woman will do away with any man at anytime regardless the years put into a relationship once she no longer derives her wants from the man. Some women can train themselves to be patient with a man and some cannot, it is this decision that makes or mar them. But the bottom line is that, at the state of not getting what she wants she is feeble and can take any decision at that time.

Quick questions of how a woman can conveniently marry a man of the age of her father or the age of her little brother? How she can conveniently marry a man with numerous wives when she is not blinded by a veil? How she will continue with a man that beats her up everyday? Is because she is getting her wants satisfied. A woman might be with a man for financial security, power, social status, age pressure for marriage, traveling, sex and lots more.

How then can a woman’s weakness be known? The truth is that often times it is tricky to know because her wants varies but if you are sensitive enough as a guy, you will know that she is peculiar about a specific one, do whatever she asks and start withdrawing from giving her the things she outlines she  wants so as to narrow it down to her ultimate want because every man needs this approach to know what his woman wants. This approach works in a way that she can over look or live without some of the wants you refuse to fulfill, but it is going to be war with her if you refuse to fulfill one particular one. It is always one that she cannot let go of. Like I said earlier, It is tricky, some women have to tell you their weakness and that is because you know nothing appeals to them. Some weakness women possess might be psychological, it might be so hideous in certain values.

Any woman knows at a certain stage that they can live without a man if they are able to put their wants in check, but the way God made it, no matter how much they try to put it in check, they cannot. That want might be wrapped in a million shell, but you will know its direction because it is loud. This article is not written to make men feel used or less wanted, it is to change their perspective of a woman’s stand because she can stand anywhere. And I will say it more than once, it is wrong to say a woman is weak, she has her strength being cunny but God has not given any man the power to tell or know how.

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