The Man Saka Lawal

By Olugbenga Akin

Several individuals have been showing interest in occupying the converted Alagbaka Government House seat as the tenure of Governor Olusegun Mimiko winds down. Mimiko’s government has raised the bar of governance not only in the state but Nigeria, with the unprecedented feat achieved in urban renewal, health, education, agriculture, tourism and other sectors. Though the government have been struggling paying workers salary of recent, which in my own view is a national issue and the Mimiko led government can’t solely take the blame.

Continuing the “Caring Heart” legacy is of utmost importance for the good people of Ondo State. I have been following closely how the Lagos State Government celebrated renovation of street lights. Mimiko’s led government lighting up major towns daily with little or no noise since its inception. The people of the state would not want to experience black out again in our major towns or host of other evident dividends of democracy truncated. Hence, the need for someone who understands governance to take the mantle from Governor Olusegun Mimiko for continued sustainable growth of the state.

Saka Lawal, a proud son of the Akoko land, is distinct with his style of leadership with resolve to paddle an all inclusive government where the people are the fulcrum. Saka Lawal is a leader of pedigree whose leadership prowess can’t be undermined due to his commitment to grassroots development. A former special assistant to Dr. Olusegun Mimiko on Strategy and Planning and was the running mate to Dr. Olusola Oke at the last gubernatorial election.

Saka Lawal is a determined and transparent leader who believes that showing a great deal of fairness and modesty in service are ingredients to the development of the State. “A leader should be true to his word and must be just in bringing unequivocal development to all sectors of the economy of the State” he says.

Saka Lawal identifies unemployment as a major menace in the society and believes fighting this unpalatable syndrome to a standstill is through industrialization, commercialization and human capacity building. He can be trusted to encourage small and medium scale entrepreneurs in their production by getting access to loans at intervals. Abandoned skill acquisition centers in the State will be revitalized and new ones will be created so as to promote self-reliance among the youths and the great people of Ondo State.

A vast leader who understands the plight of the masses is ready to consolidate good governance in Ondo state he wrote in one of his Facebook posts “The masses is our target, their wellbeing and societies development concerns me most. We intend to run a government that is populist oriented, entails with dividends of democracy deliver to every doorsteps. Be part of the better Ondo state we foreseen… With God, together we can!!!”.

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