Some stories cannot be told without sex scenes — Titi Oshinowo


Titi Osinowo in an interview with Aderonke Adeyeri talked about her worst location experience, the injection of sex in movies, what makes her cry and other issues.

You started with soaps but seem to be doing more of Yoruba films, why?

I just found myself doing lots of Yoruba movies these days.


May be I should say it soothes me better.

 Talking about movies, why haven’t you been taking many lead roles?

That’s a billion dollar question. It’s not easy getting lead roles except you produce your movies or you compromise on your standard which I don’t intend to.

What has been your worst location experience?

The producer of the movie wanted to date me and because I refused, he didn’t give me a room to stay. He also didn’t pay me after I had spent days on the location, working.

What did you do when the producer refused to pay for your services?

I walked away.

Why do we always have sex scandals in Nollywood?

Sex scandals? I’d rather zip my lips on that.

How do you see the injection of sex scenes into our films?

I’m indifferent about that. It’s a make-belief world. Sex is everywhere. And there are stories that would not be well told if there are no sex scenes.

Which pays more, soap operas or movies?

Soap operas pay per each episode and not scenes. Unlike movies where you get paid for your appearance in the whole movie.

What was your first appearance on set like?

I was nervous but thank God for the director who made me feel at home with the role. The crew were also wonderful.

It is said that no woman, no cry. So, what makes Titi cry?

Heartbreak, or the loss of a loved one. Also, I become emotional when I’m overwhelmed worshipping God.

(Cut in) In the mood of worship?

(Laughs) Yes, that’s the right word.

How do you unwind?

I stay indoors to study the word of God and watching movies.

You sound like the ‘’churchy’’ type?

I am the only daughter of my parents. I come from a family of five. Ours is a core Christian background. This influenced my lifestyle a lot. I am very prayerful till date. I grew up with a strict father who doesn’t allow me go out or entertain visitors. It was just me and my folks till I gained admission into the university.

Describe yourself?

I am patient, tolerant and prayerful.

Some actresses say acting does not pay their bills, is this true with you?

Yes it doesn’t pay, it’s just the passion that keeps me moving.

What is the nicest thing acting has brought you?

Acting has improved my attitude. Acting is like another world and that means working on my attitude to soothe that world.

What has  been the best thing ever written about you?

I can’t remember .

Apart from acting, do you engage in other things?

Yes, I am trying to get another job. I’m a versatile person so don’t be surprised when you see another side of Titi Oshinowo.

Can you date an actor?

Yes I can if he’s my kind of man. This person must have good morals and be God fearing. He should also be somebody I can look up to. He should be a teacher so to say.

What were you into before joining the make believe industry?

I was in school.

You once said you could dump acting if your spouse wants you to, what do you think this connotes?

It only points to the fact that I’m dedicated and committed to my relationship. If he wants me to quit acting, then it’s fine.

How soon should we expect the wedding bells?

I am waiting on God. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

What’s your favorite colour?

Blue and green.

What’s new in your plate?

Trying to get a lot done.

Can you take us through these?

No, not yet (smiles).

Why do you think Yoruba films are poorly subtitled?

I think we are improving on that you know. Rome was not built in a day.

Source: Vanguard

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