Ondo APC unrecognised, irrelevant in APC national government

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State has been berated for its inability to plough the dividends of democracy to the State after deceiving the people to vote for its candidate in the 2015 presidential election.

Speaking in an interview, the Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State, Mr Banji Okunomo noted that it is a shameful thing that the APC at the national level has continued to treat its members in Ondo State with disdain.

He noted that if the APC national truly recognised the efforts of its members in Ondo State, it would give them recognitions in the appointments made by the federal government.

He posited that the APC national government is repeating what happened while making ministerial appointments adding that it has again betrayed the State by ensuring that no name of any Ondo State person is included in the ambassadorial nominees’ list recently forwarded to the National Assembly.

He stated that if Ogun and Ekiti States could get two ambassadorial nominees each, it is regrettable that no one is selected from Ondo State.

He explained that it was after much agitation that Ondo State was able to get a junior ministerial portfolio in the cabinet of Buhari.

He advised the APC in Ondo State to keep shut and stop disturbing the present impactful PDP administration in the State since it is apparent that its (APC) efforts are not being recognised anywhere.

According to him: “The failure of the APC national government to include the name of any of its members in Ondo State in the ambassadorial list is a big and irredeemable blow to the party.

“Irredeemable because, the list has already been submitted to the National Assembly and there is no likelihood that there would be another list.

“It is rather unfortunate that this ugly development is repeating itself again. When it was time to appoint ministers, Ondo State almost did not get a slot.

“It was after agitation that the State APC managed to get a junior ministerial portfolio. Imagine that Ondo State would be treated like a second fiddle despite its status in the South West.

“At present, two ambassadorial nominees are selected from Ogun and Ekiti States each yet not a single one is picked from Ondo out of the 47 nominees.

“This is a big blow and a shame on the party. It is apparent that they are just making noise in Ondo State. Their impact is not felt anywhere.

“No wonder the party is desperate to capture Ondo State in the forthcoming governorship election. But it has also become clear that they would not get anywhere since the party does not even enjoy national support.

“It is time the APC called on its agents to keep quiet and stop disturbing the present administration in Ondo State. Ondo State people have had enough of their propaganda.

“Not only that, the APC should also apologise to the people of Ondo State for failing to bring them dividends of democracy after deceiving them to accepting their terrible change in the last presidential election”, he said.

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