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Honourable drinking ‘Honourable’; Ko Si Big Deal!

My attention has been drawn (mimics Linda Ikeji) to the pictures of Mr Olubodun Tayo Marcus, an S. A to the Governor of Ondo state, trending on the social media where he is shown drinking our indigenous Trophy Lager beer with some younger friends in what looks like a sitting room birthday celebration.

While I commend Linda’s professional attempt at reporting the news without bias, well it made gossip headlines so it might as well qualify for a piece of news, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the comments that trailed it. Once again, the hypocrisy of an average Nigerian was on cheap display. Someone was quick to assert that the S.A must be a thug to have been drinking beer in his sitting room with friends. How that adds up beats me. I don’t know since when someone who chooses to drink with friends in the comfort of his house became a thug. Another one derided him for drinking common beer. Since when did one’s choice of drink become another person’s headache? I guess it wouldn’t be an issue if he were popping champagne or some other foreign poison. The comment that made me almost gave up on humanity finally was that of the man that proudly declared he isn’t disappointed because that is how Apc Governors do. Like WTF? A clear evidence that the moron that commented on the blog is one of those ignoramuses that jump on the bandwagon of any available folly is that Ondo state Governor, who Olubodun Tayo Marcus assists on Political Affairs and Mobilisation is not even an Apc Governor!!

If the pictures were that of some foreign persons, the furore will be needless. We will laugh over it and admire the simplicity of the white man. We have become a nation where people question your right to be normal. Please let me be normal in peace. Let me have my favourite beer (Trophy) in my sitting room with my homies on their birthdays even if I am the Governor of a state. Ko si big deal!

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