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8:50 We will be signing off our official coverage of this event. It was was an evening which we had so much fun. Special shout-out to Fotobrain PhotographyBlizz Imagery9ice Photography and Fotospirit Studios our photographers for tonight. I am Daramola Bolaji and with other EM crew members, Akinborewa Gbenga, Bankole Walter and Adegunloye Kayode. Thanks for staying tuned with us through out this coverage.



8: 41 pm: The moment for networking is here, the MC enjoined the gathering to use the evening to meet new friends. While the networking is ongoing, Dapsing is on the stage doing highlife music.

8:32 pm: Cool DJ Jeff taking the gathering back to the 70s with hit songs from that era.

8:20 pm: Aylove engaging the audience with comedy.

8: 15 pm: The CMWM bow out of the stage with applaud from the audience.

8:00 pm: The CMVM and Dapsing are back on the stage to entertain the gathering with jazz music.

7:50 pm: It is an event to unwind and we have another comedian to thrill the audience… Our very own Mc Fameland has the stage now.

7: 38 pm: MC Timmy delivering some comic line.

7:25 pm: Romol Couture models are on stage exhibiting their works. The models are quite impressive with their display.

7:00 pm: Dapsing still on stage giving the gathering lovely music and some guests are on their feet dancing.


6:45 pm: Dapsing and his venus band are presently on the stage giving melodic songs, strictly with musical instruments.

6:43 pm: Faces present at the event

6: 13 pm. Cool DJ Jeff on the steel dropping hit songs for the esteem guests.

5:56pm: MC Blackbody is now on stage doing what he knows how to do best.The crowd is listening with rapt attention.

5:40pm: MC Aylove asks the crowd a rather weird question,’who is the owner of the cock that crow when Peter denied Jesus,and as expected the crowd are equally keying into the teaser..its really crazy here!

5:35pm:the CMVM band bows out of stage and the crowd really clapped up their performance.

5:20pm: Right now the CMVM  percussion band from ibadan takes centre stage to give the crowd a musical treat,so far,it’s mind blowing.



5:20pm: The MC leaves the podium  now much to the accolades of the crowd.

5:17pm: The crowd is really loving this treat being given to them by MC Arkbishop…he’s still very much on stage.



5: 04pm:  MC Arkbishop thrilling the crowd with his jokes…he’s now treating the fans to a blend of music and comedy.

4:50 pm: Chord Mix Vibe Moment a classical music group from Ibadan is on stage delivering classical jazz music.

4:50 pm: The MC introduces the official DJ for the evening



4:47 pm: Bella is on stage now, giving a beautiful rendition of the two stanzas of the National anthem.


4: 44: The stage is set for today’s event and loads of people are trooping in already, it’s definitely going to be a top notch event. Young Johnytex started the event with an opening prayer.

4: 41 pm: Welcome to our Live coverage of the maiden edition of Solace Click Media’s Gathering of Achievers 2015. The Gathering of Achievers is an event where people from all walks of life gather under one roof to unwind and network. Todays event would be anchored by the corporate compere MC Aylove.



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