Ayodeji Ayomikun wins first edition of Write and Win Contest

After thorough scrutiny by a team of renowned writers, Ayodeji Ayomikun has been declared the winner of the first edition. Read his lovely piece below:

In response to the write and win contest, I decided to pen down my own best experience with one of my ex girlfriends, Have been through series of affairs but the last one was the best of all and one which I had ‘forever moments’.

She was the best kind of lady any man would pray for and up till now I couldn’t believe I lost her to another man simply because I wasn’t  yet game for marriage. I hate to talk about the breakup aspect of our relationship, so i’ll just go straight to the best and craziest moment we shared together.

It was on one of those double figured days of the month of June which happened to be my birthday. In all sincerity I dint know how I forgot it was my birthday, I guess I was into a lot that could have made me forget the big day, Although am not too cool at keeping dates, so it wasn’t much of an undoing. I was cleaning up the room when suddenly she came in with loads of gifts in her hands, they were almost spilling over, and as if that wasn’t enough  she came with three other friends of hers’ who began to sing birthday songs, I was baffled to the marrow. It was the last thing I expected, It was all fun throughout that day and when it was night, she gave me the best treat I have ever had in a while… We had other fun moments, but that day remains still to be beaten when it comes to best moments.


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