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“We Will Not Renege On Our Promises To The People” – Boye Oyewumi

Having declared his intentions to run for Ondo State Governorship election slated for November 26 later this year, Boye Oyewunmi has again reiterated his commitment to unseat failures of PDP in the state in forthcoming elections if he is giving the ticket.

He further reiterated his commitment again during #Agbajoowo tour of some local governments over the weekend to meet party leaders which started on Friday, 1st July, 2016.

“My intentions to run is based on the need for change in Ondo through a renew Agenda that will steer above board. What we have in Ondo is not lack of ideas; Infact, there has been whole lots of ideas in the past, but what we have had is non commensurate, unworkable ideas that is ineffective of societal needs and requirements. I have come as an individual to beg to differ if given the opportunity to fly the party flag”.


Our party must get it right this time while presenting our programmes to the people and we equally must also need vote a credible candidate that will not distance himself from the party when he gets to corridor of power.

It is our intention to bring leadership to the party and also ensure a continuous thrust through our performance.

Nine local government has been visited so far; the recent visit to two LGs in South Senatorial district with over 300 people including party leaders from ward 1-10 in Irele and Odigbo Local Government, received his intentions cheerfully. Supporters and teeming members of Agbajoowo movement under which his vision is wheeled were also in attendance.

Also in Owo and Ose Local Government where over 15 aspirants share the region was visited.

The Agbajoowo Movement designed the touring idea with sole aim of engaging and interacting more with the leaders ahead of the party primaries.

In his words, appreciating the overwhelming reception, the DG of Boye Oyewunmi, Mr Dare OJO said, “to secure the democratic political future of Ondo, there is need for a true democratic political road map that will feature Ondo into the space of trend of National grid. Analysts, and scrutiny would come to  fore and political morality will be the watchword if not the derail of this democracy will be unavoidable. Therefore, the need to change our culture is necessary, we need to start thinking as winners”.

For Boye Oyewunmi; he however pledged not to renege from all his promised to party and the state if elected candidate and Governor respectively.

Mr Boye begged the leaders to make a difference this time by electing  credible candidate amongst the good names on the table. We have good men and woman with incredible personality of delivering good electoral promises but we must ensure while we look for candidate, that the aspirant must be exposed, indelible with good human relations, who has felt the pain and hardship of the people not just an aged Governor that would also degenerate the the generation. The state is blessed with resources yet, we are still feeding and living in scarcity. The opportunity is now as party leaders and faithful to single out a reliable and credible servant leader that would deliver and reclaim the trust of the people.

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