Something brought about this today, the Senate President has brought back his drama in the national way and the drama is dragging in a lot of mess. OccupyNAAS Protesters are on the street, they want him out of office due to the uncountable corruption charges against him locally and internationally, but the groups of protesters are the ones to be watched if it is not being influenced to carry out this exercise, God knows almost everything in this country is influenced.

The Senate President’s trial that got the court to go bizarre was the eye opener. The Senate President maintains his grounds through his crate of lawyers that he did not confirm or deny the allegation against him according to the CCB Act and right there in court, Justice Danladi Umar went ballistic by ordering a legal counsel out of the court room because he was accused of being biased. In 2011, Asiwaju Tinubu had a similar case with the CCB and Tinubu  filed a motion against the CCB claiming that he did not confirm or deny the allegation against him before taking the case to the CCT and the same Justice Umar presiding over the Senate president case dismissed Tinubu’s case back then. The same motion is being filed for Saraki now and he claims his precision over Tinubu’s case was an error. Are we then to say the judiciary system can no longer establish Justice?

Senate President’s lawyer that was asked out of the court in that viral video we have all seen made a statement accusing Justice Umar  of having shady deals with the EFCC right there in court. The justice threatens the lawyer with the contempt of law and ordered the lawyer to sit down by shouting it 8 times. What baffles me most is that the lawyer representing Senate President  Bukola Saraki had no idea he was actually committing an offense by publicly accusing Justice Umar in court without proof in front of onlookers in the court. It only took people like me to sit down in class in 200 level during University days to have a crystal clear knowledge of what contempt against the law is and a lawyer with experience in that field has no clue?! And believe it or not, these lawyers with no clue might get Saraki off the hook because the elders stopped to care about justice but the game, now loophole has been found with CCB.

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is there telling the world and whoever cares to listen how his administration produced the Richest Man in Africa and how he left Nigerians with some flimsy 500 and something billion  just to debunk President Buhari’s words that the treasury was empty. Everyone of them spreads their dirty laundry out there without no iota of shame anymore.

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