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I was seated at the coffee shop one Saturday morning having a cup of coffee as usual with my eyes glancing through the magazine on my table. I just had to engage myself just to know about the latest happenings in my environment. Beside me was this young good looking damsel who had come to buy coffee too. Her body perfume caught my attention and the way she said ‘Good morning’ to me almost made me feel she is not from this our country. My brothers and sisters no be small thing o. Gradually, I engaged her in a conversation about the present sociopolitical climate of the nation. “If you happened to be a parliamentarian in this country what would be your contribution to youths development” I asked grinning. Having caught her unaware with my question she replied “Parliamentarian! Who are they? That’s none of my business oo. Am not even interested in what they do. Just let’s forget about your parliii something, my dear friend”. Immediately she said that I sighed and different thoughts ran through my mind just where I was seated. That’s just the way most of us are when it comes to acquisition of knowledge. We are only restricted to our field and we care to know what’s in vogue in other fields. No knowledge of something that u know now is wasted. If it’s not useful now it will definitely be useful in the future. Been versatile doesn’t make you master of none but makes you master of all.

Firstly, you have the confidence to speak to people at any point in time. Sometimes you wonder while a group of friends are discussing a particular issue and there is this young man amongst who doesn’t love to talk. All he does is keep quiet. You wouldn’t blame him because he might not have an idea of what you are discussing. Ignorance makes you dumb during discussions. Learn to be a good reader of many things even if they don’t relate to what you are doing now

You are more educated than others when you are versatile. You can’t just be misled and misinformed on a particular issue because you already had an idea of what it entails. I know of a man who wanted to build his own house and before he gave the job to building contractors he personally made inquiries about the cost of items and all requirements needed to have a good house. Many people would say he is stingy but to me is better educated compared to someone who just gave the job out without having knowledge of what it entails to build. Any knowledge of something that you have make u better educated than your neighbor who doesn’t know and there is no way you can be misinformed on what you already know.

Your versatility increases your worth in the business market. Nobody wants to seek the service of a mediocre. Everybody wants to work with a versatile boss because they know you will always have something new to share with them. You become a problem solver easily. You are given more grounds to explore if you are versatile leader.

Versatility makes you stand out among others. There is this added creativity being added to whatever you do compare to someone who is straight jacketed. You can take fore front in many areas of endeavors. They are good managers who can oversee affairs at all fronts because of their good knowledge of many things.

It wouldn’t cost you to know more. Don’t place a restriction to your knowledge but instead be a voracious reader and be someone who is always willing to learn new thing every day of your life. The more you know the better man you are.

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