So What Happens Now? Episode 3

By Adegunloye Kayode

She was almost miles ahead of him as it was a long narrow way that led to her lecture room, Damilola ran after her ceaselessly as he kept calling out to her, you know how it is now? Especially when you do not know her name, am sure the guys dig better…hello! Hey! Are the words commonly used. He was panting as he almost approached her and then she turned to see who was calling..

This was the first time Damilola actually checked her out properly and maybe ‘officially’ too because the last time out was a mere  bump-in…omoh! this babe too fine, she was gorgeously dressed in a multicolored checkers that was neatly knotted in  front which made it fit her moderately slim body, she had another white tiny top inside and complementing it was a tight jean trousers making her ‘figure 8′ all so glaring to the eyes, her footwear was a beautiful pink sneakers which made it  a colour  blend with her small school bag, I mean all those primary school bags o…the only difference was that hers’ looks more like a teddy, you’ll easily know all this rich ‘get inside’ kids when you accost one. She was so diligently and radiantly carved by God, am sure she was one of those ladies God took extra time to mould because she was dainty from the head to toes, her eyes like that of a cat and her tender hair, Damilola technically went blank as he didn’t know what to say at the moment, he lacked every bit of composure and boldness. However, he tried to gather himself together at least to say something and then he greeted her and she responded…I told you she was one of those meek ladies, Damilola was surprised to see her smile as she made reference to the the other day, something like ‘the same guy’? Dami nodded in affirmation, they exchanged a few things like names and mobile digits, it was that fast…at least Dami got to know that her name was Temi. In no time they got along quite alright and soon became best of friends so much that even his pals were surprised at the level of their intimacy within such a short period of time. Not a single day would pass by without them seeing each other, they attended social functions in school together no thanks to the fact that Temi was the school’s theatre group coordinator and often went for all this nightfall  rehearsals and you can trust,  Dami would occasionally go with her…they practically did most things together and gradually they got inured to each other.

It was almost the end of the semester as students did and dusted their exams, Damilola was through with his exams but Temi was left with just a single paper for the semester. Am not sure how many people know this feeling, that feeling you have when you are crony with someone and you want to go beyond that friendship level but do not know how to go about it, but then that manly spirit visits you, he needed to do this and so he got up from his bed where he was lying after a long session of brooding, brushed his hair, used some body fragrance and applied a little white powder. He locked his door as he left for Temi’s house but coincidentally she was about coming to his place as well, they both laughed seeing each other on the way and then Temi told him she was actually coming to his lodge…very well then, two don cut four nah. Off they went back to Temi’s house as it was nearer to the spot where they met. They gisted and played rough as usual, did a bit of those pillow fights,(Damilola this is your chance o, you might not get another)…He wasn’t going to let  this chance slip off, Thereafter he suddenly went calm as he held Temi’s hands looking straight into her face, it was more like in the movies…This lady is someone any sane guy would love to date, a kind of lady you’ll even love to stroll with because mere seeing her walk with you sef nah prestige.

 She’s a combination of Mother Mary’s heart and Monalisa’s body, and even  her smile alone is enough to melt the stoniest of hearts. Damilola bought a whole lot of courage as he remembered what he read in one of those literature books sometimes ago, ‘what a man loves the most is what hurts him the most’,  I’l tell her first and if she says no i’l take it in good faith even though it will hurt, am sure the guys would dig what am saying(lol). Finally, he spitted those words…we all know the lines now, let me not bore you with it…Temi’s subsequent response was even more predictable, she had waited for him to say this all along, they hugged tightly for some minutes as Damilola kissed her on the forehead. It was a fulfilling day for him, he was so ecstatic and euphoric. As anticipated the relationship kick started from there, they looked more like a match from heaven, they were known on campus by virtually everyone as Temi was well known for her acting prowess.

But however, after a couple of months  something big happened, Something you’ll get to know in the final episode.

Gracias por leer!

La proxima semana es una fecha!


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